I started making music at the age of six, and I’ve never looked back.

My musical journey started with piano lessons, as most young kids do. However, when I was eight years old (in 1986), I was introduced to the joy of drumming. Since then, my life has been consumed by music in one form or another. I picked up a bass guitar in 1989, and the bass has been my second instrument ever since.

While I was at school I gained my grade 8 percussion and grade 6 theory of music certificates from Trinity College of Music. I graduated from Queensland University of Technology with a Master of Music in 2009. One day soon I hope to return to study for a Doctorate of Creative Industries.

Since I started playing, I’ve had the opportunity to perform and recordwith a diverse range of groups – rock, jazz, funk bands, orchestras, concert bands, big bands, show bands, and even playing hand percussion on a regular basis for a strings duo. I’ve been performing and playing in bands and orchestras since 1987. I started working in rock bands at the tender age of 15 in 1992. My first experience of recording an ep was the same year. I’ve been developing my craft ever since.

I’ve been taught and mentored by some amazing drummers and musicians over the years, including David Vine, Brett Newman, David Jones, John Morrisson, and most recently, Grant Collins.

I rehearse and play on a weekly basis for my church worship team. I also serve as a music director, helping to run rehearsals and arrange the music for Sunday services and other events and productions.

I consider myself to be in a unique situation with regards to my experience in various rhythm sections. I know what it is like as a drummer to work with a bass player, and I also have experience as a bassist in what it is like to work with a drummer. I can look at the relationship from both angles, and this has given me a very unique perspective on how rhythm sections work together.

I have been giving drum lessons in the Sunshine Coast area since 1994. My teaching also extends to tuned and untuned percussion lessons, as well as bass lessons and beginner guitar lessons.

I love teaching and performing, because it gives me a chance to communicate my love of music to as many people as possible. My love of drums extends to serving as a drum technician, to restoring and rehabilitating neglected drum kits, and to building the odd drum or two.

I love all aspects of music with a passion. It is my mission in life to instil that passion and appreciation for music in other people.