Kit Pic 1
I have a range of drums and cymbals to suit any live or recording situation. 

I’m not formally endorsed or sponsored by any brands, and I believe this gives me the flexibility to choose equipment that appeals to me and suits my personal style. I can choose the sounds I like, regardless of the manufacturer. 

Snare Drums:
Yamaha 14×5.5 steel snare.
Pearl free-floating 14×6.5 steel snare.
Pearl free-floating 14×5 brass snare.
Mapex Black Panther 14×5.5 maple snare.
Yamaha Musashi 12×6 oak snare.


1. Yamaha Recording Custom (9000)
20×16 bass drum
8×8, 10×9, 12×10 rack toms
14×14, 16×16 floor toms

2. Premier Vintage 1968
20×14 kick
14×4 snare drum
12×8, 13×8 rack toms
14×14 floor tom


14″ SWP djembe
Mano cajon
SWP clay udu
Meinl Percussion fiberglass ibo
Meinl Mambo cowbell
Various shakers and other bits and pieces
These setups are interchangeable, but they represent the most common configurations that I use. I can easily customize the cymbal setup to your album’s sonic requirements.

Core setup:

Meinl 22″ Spectrum ride, or
Zildjian 20″ A Rock ride
Zildjian 14″ A New Beat hi-hats
Zildjian 13″ K/Z hi-hats
Meinl 16″ & 17″ Byzance medium-thin crashes
Zildjian 16″ A Custom crash
Meinl Byzance 10″ splash
Drum’n’Bass/Hip hop/Electronic setup (Meinl Generation-X)

18″ Safari ride
16″ Safari crash
12″ Safari hats
14″/10″ trash stack
8″ and 10″ drumbals


10″ Meinl Classics mini hi-hats
18″ Paiste Sound Formula china
16″ Paiste Signature china
14″ Zildjian Oriental China Trash
6″ Zildjian A Custom splash
5.5″ and 4.5″ ice bells