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Just a quick post with a challenging concept that I recently rediscovered…


The idea is to play odd groups of notes – triplets, quintuplets and septuplets – but using even stickings. View full article »

Odd note groupings – most commonly 5s and 7s – are not always easy to play, especially at first. However, it is possible to create odd groupings by simply adding a single bass drum note to an existing group of four. 4+1=5, right? It really is that easy. View full article »

This one came to me in a flash of inspiration…

That stupid song, earworm that it is, was running through my head, and I started tapping along to it. View full article »

When you think about the humble paradiddle… there’s not really that much to know, is there?

That’s what I thought, and I could never have been more wrong. View full article »

Want to build your snare drum chops, and work on your independence and alternative phrasing at the same time? The Vinnie will help with that.

I was shown this by my mentor, Grant Collins. Apparently this pattern was made famous by Vinnie Colaiuta, hence it’s name.

It’s a pretty harmless little pattern. It switches from singles to doubles to triples to quads, then all the way back down again. Quite simple, and it keeps your hands from getting bored. View full article »

If you want to give your doubles a good solid workout, and increase your dexterity, then here’s a great exercise for you! View full article »