Just a quick post with a challenging concept that I recently rediscovered…


The idea is to play odd groups of notes – triplets, quintuplets and septuplets – but using even stickings. For the sake of not causing your head to explode, we’ll have a look at double strokes, and then single paradiddles. First, double strokes into triplets:

You’ll notice two things – ¬†that the doubles overlap into the second group of notes, and also that it takes 4 groups of odd notes for the pattern to resolve – that is, for the first right hand stroke to align with the first note in the odd group. This is the same with quintuplets and septuplets:



Now, for single paradiddles… Because of the 4-note pattern, the paradiddle takes twice as long to resolve against an odd group – two bars, in fact.

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Have fun!

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