Odd note groupings – most commonly 5s and 7s – are not always easy to play, especially at first. However, it is possible to create odd groupings by simply adding a single bass drum note to an existing group of four. 4+1=5, right? It really is that easy.

For our group of four, we’re going to use the single paradiddle. If you’ve forgotten how to play it, (I really hope you haven’t) here it is:











You can get a bit more info in my lesson “Paradiddles Part One”

So all we do from here, is add a single bass drum note at the end of each paradiddle. This gives us our groups of 5, which I call the Para5.


The accent on the hand starts each Para5, and the bass drum note ends it. Make sure you practice to a metronome so that you can align each accent with the beat, and ensure that the notes are even and consistent.


Here are a few basic paradiddle voicings rearranged into the para5 format:








Remember, work to a metronome, and let it flow. Have fun! Let me know your thoughts or questions in the comments.

Download the PDF here. Right click and “Save target as…”


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