The job of a drum technician is very demanding.



But seriously…
 During a festival, there may be as many as six or seven drum kits to tune and maintain on a daily basis, plus any emergency repairs or issues that may crop up over the weekend.

Not only that, but the job also requires me to be at the main stage during sound check to liaise with the drummers from different bands, to determine their individual configuration requirements and assist them with their setup. 

During the performance, I then help to change drum kits quickly and accurately between bands, usually within a ten-minute timeframe. This role also requires me to occasionally make on-the-spot repairs or adjustments during performance.

Dealing with top-level bands also requires me to frequently replace drum heads and accurately tune drums, something that I have gained vast experience in over 25 years of playing and performing.

Contact me if you need a competent, focused drum tech for your next festival.


Drum Technician – Easterfest:

 I have had the privilege of serving in the role of head drum tech at Easterfest since 2007. I have also supplied drum kits for use at the festival. Over the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to work with the following bands:

– The Newsboys
– Third Day
– Audio Adrenaline
– Paul Colman Trio
– Jars of Clay
– Superchic(k)
– Thousand Foot Krutch
– Article One
– Sanctus Real
– Soulframe
– Newworldson
– James Morrison Band
– Jimmy Styles and the Easy Company
– Blindside
– Day of Fire
– Planet Shakers band
– BarlowGirl

Contact me if you are after an experienced, competent drum tech for your next festival.

Drum Kit Setup and Tune:

This is where I bring my experience to you! Whether it’s your first drum kit or tenth, I can assist you in achieving the optimum setup, and help you to tune the drums to their absolute best.

I also provide a drum kit maintenance service, in which I give your drums the absolute best TLC that they deserve. This can include:

– Strip-down and clean

– Shell wax/polish

– Chrome clean & polish

– Bearing edge service

– Drum head changes

 – Drum tune

– Cymbal cleaning


I’ll also provide you with tips on how to keep your equipment in good condition, so you can get the most out of your investment. Contact me if you need help to make your babies sound great.

Drum Kit Hire:

I have supplied drum kits for hire to different studios around the Sunshine Coast. Whether you’re after a basic drum kit, or all the bells and whistles, I can help. Check out my gear list, and contact me for more information.