I want to help as many people as possible reach their potential with their music.


I am now based in Calliope, approximately 20km south of Gladstone.

Drum/Percussion Lessons:

My desire is to develop people into well-rounded drummers who can deliver the goods in a variety of situations. I try to place equal emphasis on solid time and groove, music theory (reading) and technique. This means helping you to gain a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of drumming, so that you can function in any musical setting.

I have more than 25 years of playing experience behind me. I started learning drums and percussion in 1985, and have been performing and recording since 1991. I have served in a variety of bands and ensembles, including: – rock/pop bands – jazz combos – orchestras – brass bands – pit orchestras for musicals plus many others that defy categorization.

I can pass on that experience to you, and teach you the tricks of the trade. This includes:

– how to fast-track learning cover songs;

– how to read drum charts and create your own;

– how to play efficiently and tension-free

– how to play creatively and discover your own personal voice on the drum kit.

Bass Guitar Lessons:

Bass is my second instrument, which I have been playing since 1989.

My experience with drumming has shaped how I play as a drummer, so I have perspective from both sides of the relationship: as a drummer working with a bass player, and as a bassist working with a drummer. If you want to learn how to operate as part of a solid rhythm section in various styles, I can point you in the right direction.

I will make sure you have a strong grounding in the basics – reading, scales, proper technique and feel.

I can show you the basics of slap, as well as how to learn your favourite songs.


Teaching Philosophy

I have given a lot of thought as to how and why I should be teaching drums and bass. My teaching is designed to address three main areas of drumming (in order of importance): Competence, Versatility and Creativity. The following should give you a good idea of what to expect from the music lessons I offer. These are listed in order of importance.



This is the knowledge of the fundamentals. Just as basic literacy and numeracy are important for anyone to function properly in society, these skills are necessary to function and communicate as a musician.

My students should expect:

– to get a good grounding in reading music and song charts.

– to understand and implement good hand and foot technique.

– to know their equipment and how it functions, and how to maintain it.

– to know and be able to play some of the rudiments, scales and arpeggios.

– to start developing their ear: listening to recordings and being able to learn grooves and fills directly from recorded music.




My students should expect:

– to learn grooves in a wide variety of styles and genres of music.

– to learn the techniques to play appropriately in each style.

– to have an understanding of the background of each style, as well as key songs, artists and albums in the “essential listening” discography.

– to identify their preferred style of playing, and hone their techniques towards that style.



My students should expect:

– to learn how to voice different technical ideas on their instrument, in a way that is musical and relevant.

– to understand the basics of improvisation.

– to learn how technical exercises translate into personal expression, by applying musical context.