I believe very strongly that the three things that will get you the gigs are versatility, musicality and good time.


This method will help you to develop all three of those things.


This is the groove compendium and resource that I have been developing since 2008.

The Full Method


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You buy the whole method, you get everything included in all of the modules below. The whole shebang. In all it’s glory. With all of the mp3 playalong tracks.

What can I say? And it’s cheaper than spending an hour with me one-on-one. And it is a resource that will serve as a guide and companion for years to come.


Module 1: Rock and Pop

What you get:

  • 15 pages of sequential rock and pop grooves.
  • 3 drumless backing tracks in mp3 format.
  • Charts for the above mp3 tracks.
  • a listening guide for rock and pop artists and drummers.
  • a notated rock drum solo.
  • transcribed grooves from some well-known rock songs.

Normal Price: $25


Module 2: Swing, Shuffle and Blues

What you get:

  • 10 pages of sequential jazz, shuffle and 12/8 blues grooves
  • 5 drumless backing tracks in mp3 format
  • A listening guide for jazz and blues artists and drummers.

Normal Price: $25.

Module 3: Funk

What you get:

13 pages of sequential funk, soul and R’n’B grooves

3 drumless backing tracks in mp3 format

A notated funk drum solo

A listening guide for funk artists and drummers

Transcribed grooves from some well-known funk songs

Normal Price: $25.


Module 4: Latin and World Grooves

What you get:

12 pages of sequential Latin/world grooves

2 drumless backing tracks in mp3 format

A notated Latin drum solo

A listening guide for Latin and world groove artists and drummers

Normal Price $25.


You get the whole lot in one zip file, ready to be opened and digested. $100 of value for less than half that price.

Cost: $37.
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