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Song: Seven Nation Army

Band: White Stripes

Drummer: Meg White

Level: Beginner. View full article »

Just a quick post with a challenging concept that I recently rediscovered…


The idea is to play odd groups of notes – triplets, quintuplets and septuplets – but using even stickings. View full article »

Odd note groupings – most commonly 5s and 7s – are not always easy to play, especially at first. However, it is possible to create odd groupings by simply adding a single bass drum note to an existing group of four. 4+1=5, right? It really is that easy. View full article »

This one came to me in a flash of inspiration…

That stupid song, earworm that it is, was running through my head, and I started tapping along to it. View full article »

When you think about the humble paradiddle… there’s not really that much to know, is there?

That’s what I thought, and I could never have been more wrong. View full article »